This Week in Community: Synth Edition

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For this week’s recap we decided to focus on some of our community’s talented synth fiends, audio snobs & musicians.


Meet Maria




For this week’s Meet the Maker feature we interviewed Maria Molinero, artist/designer/musician/Doctor Who fanatic.

“My maker superpower is fiddling with buttons, even when I don’t quite know what they do. Quite interesting things come out sometimes! I’m also good at seeing trouble come. Oh! And i’m specially good at watching full series seasons while I have to work. Once I managed to watch 4 full seasons of Doctor Who and still got the job done.”




Maria discussed her Beesynth project, a custom synthesizer that uses littleBits to teach music theory through audio visualization.

“It was the final project for my degree in graphic design, (I just showcased it last Wednesday), which I managed to complete in about a month and a half. It is the first time I mixed code, UX design, animated visual FX, music and branding in just one project.”‘



Learn more about Maria at



Norberto’s Popup Book

Speaking of audio visualizers, Norberto Miranda used bits to bring his sketchbook to life. Last week he submitted these sketches for to our Coffee Napkin Prototype contest:


#coffeemaker Bike lights @littlebits

A video posted by NMF (@superpitagorico) on

    And this week he posted this video of how he used bits to create an an analog audio visualizer popup sketchbook.   . .

Enhancing my pop-up sketchbook with music visualization to use it as a songbook @littlebits #coffeemaker A video posted by NMF (@superpitagorico) on


Ooh’s & aah’s abound! Our #CoffeeMaker contest ends this Monday, to sketch out your big project idea for a chance to win the bits you need!


#Contest Alert: Are you a #CoffeeMaker? No, not like a French press, French presses don’t have Instagram accounts…unless French presses have become sentient…quick, alert the presses • Do you sit at your local #coffeeshop dreaming up epic projects & #sketch #prototypes on napkins? Well we wanna help you make your huge idea a reality • Post a pic of your #coffee napkin prototypes & include @littleBits & #CoffeeMaker in your description. We’ll be regramming our fave sketches everyday and on April 17th we’ll select one lucky ‘grammer to receive expert advice & the bits you need to make your project • You don’t need bits to enter, just a pen(cil), a surface and some good ol’ fashioned ingenuity. Start sketchin’ ✏️☕️

A photo posted by littleBits (@littlebits) on


This Spring, Japan’s @mugenkidou plans to release acidBits, an acid house album made with littleBits, on Ultra Flag Records. Last month, @mugenkidou posted a video demoing the littleBits/KORG SQ-1 setup.


This week they released a new demo with snippets of the new songs. It’s perfect for drivin’ fast with the windows down and your sunglasses on.



Magic Shot

This is probably something we’d never expect to say, but this new experimental French billiards game is AWESOME! And better yet, the entire soundtrack is made only using the Synth Kit! The game was scored by Renaud Bédard, whose previous credits include programming the amazing indie game FEZ. Renaud is also going to do a littleBits performance at this year’s Sonar festival in Barcelona, Spain!



Click here to download Magic Shot.



littleBits Railway 1875

Lastly, the always clever Alex Pikkert shared his synth circuit recreation of the sounds from an old timey train, complete with a button for the steam whistle. All aboard – next stop: the weekend!


Bonus video: Berklee Valencia Makers Lab Jam Session


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