Top 3 Ways to Celebrate Dad on Father’s Day

By allison vannest

Father’s Day: Some would argue it’s the best time to buy the father figure in your life a tie or a “World’s Best Dad” mug. But is it really?
This year, let’s consider shaking things up a bit. Here at littleBits, we’d argue that the best gifts are homemade. And there are many ways to make something — for dad, with dad, or in memory of dad.
Here are three unique ways to help you celebrate Father’s Day this year.
Make Something! Draw your Dad

Drawing bots make beautiful designs. Every Bot is different and the possibilities are endless, so it’s important to experiment! Click here for some inspiration.
Do Something! Reinvent “Dad Rock” with your Dad

This powerful, easy-to-use modular synthesizer lets you create music and instruments with dad. Use the Synth Kit to become the awesomest father-kid electronic music duo of all time.
Remember Someone! Capture your Dad’s Essence

After having lost his dad to a series of strokes, Joey Wilson imagined a beautiful little wooden box that would sit on the mantle with a single button that, when pushed, would recount a joke or story in his father’s voice. In the end he captured 42 of his dad’s jokes and stories in a little wooden box powered by littleBits. What a beautiful way to keep his dad’s memory alive!
Looking for more inspiration? Check out our new Hall of Fame Kits for hours of fun! You can make an Arcade Game, Bubble Bot, Crawly Creature, or Night Lightfor dad and with dad. Happy Father’s Day!

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