Transform your Thanksgiving Table with littleBits

By Emily Tuteur

What will you invent to transform your Thanksgiving table? Impress your dinner guests with these electrified inventions!

Turkey Table Timer

Scenario: The Thanksgiving feast is almost ready and you are putting the finishing touches on the meal. You are busy setting out the delicious dishes AND you would like to round up your family and friends to sit down the minute the food is ready. Sounds like you have your hands full!


This situation calls for the Turkey Table Timer! Set the time on the timeout to the amount of time you think you will need (we set to 5 min) with the push of the button. While you are adding the finishing touches and setting out the food, the turkey counts down. When time is up, the Turkey Table Timer beckons guests to come and eat by squawking (buzzer) and ruffling its feathers (servo). Perfect timing!

Super Server

Scenario: At the Thanksgiving table, do you grow impatient waiting for others to serve themselves? Someone always takes far too long with the mashed potatoes while you sit salivating on the other side of the table! Do you ever find yourself wishing you had a more orderly and fair way of passing out dessert?


It’s time to take control! Make the serving process more fair this year with the Super Server. This electrified lazy susan can move in timed increments – set how long the tray waits before it spins as well as how far it turns in between. This is done using two timeouts, a double OR, an inverter, and a dc motor to spin the tray. Find more information on the project page.

Let the feast begin!


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