Trick Out Your Tree

By Emily Tuteur

Make it a Holi-DIY to Remember!

Tired of the same old holiday decorations? Looking to take your festive knickknacks to the next level this winter season? Like technology and DIY solutions? Look no further! littleBits is here to help. We’ve compiled a list of projects that you can make to electrify your home with holiday cheer.


1. Blinky Ornaments


Add some twinkle to your Christmas tree with these DIY ornaments. You just need a styrofoam ball, some colored paint and a few littleBits modules (power, wire, lightwire, bright led, and pulse modules) to make it happen. Video Tutorial here.


2. EL Wire Candy Canes


EL wire candy canes are a fun and simple way to electrify your Christmas tree. Just wrap the littleBits lightwire around candy cane-shaped foam core cutouts and hang them on a few branches. They almost look good enough to eat (not recommended).


3. Spinning Tree Topper

littleBits Christmas Tree from littleBits on Vimeo.

Just add motion! Use the littleBits dc motor to get this 3d paper star spinning at the top of your tree. Illuminate it from the inside with a couple of bright LEDs for a more dramatic effect. Learn how to make it here.


4. Origami Light String

photo (9)

These lovely folded paper lights were an adaptation of our Monarch Butterfly Migration Project. The circuit is simple – you just need a power module and a bright LED. To string them together, add a few wires in between. Origami star lantern tutorial here.


5. Analog GIF box with Holiday imagery

Use light to bring holiday imagery to life! Bright LEDs in a cardboard box pulse opposite of one another because of an inverter. The light shines through a snowman cutout and projects the image from two different angles, animating it. Click here to learn how to make it.


6. Snowflake Window Decor


Use the lightwire to make a flashy window decoration. Make a pulsing snowflake or make your own holiday version of tap, tap, smile.


7. Ice Skater Decor


Create a festive winter scene complete with gliding skater and blinking snowman. You can make this using craft materials and the littleBits DC motor, bright led, wire, and power modules. Skate on!


8. Creepy, Eye-Tracking Santa

He sees you when you are sleeping… He knows when you’re awake. Santa watches your every move, just like Great Uncle Edward. This creepy portrait has motion triggers that sense when you are near and eyes controlled by a servo that watch you wherever you go. The double AND, double OR, inverter, and latch make up the logic behind Santa’s eye movement.


9. Hannukah Candles


Celebrate the festival of lights with these electronic candles! We know Hanukkah has come and gone this year, but keep this one in mind for next year. Try the circuit: power + wire + sound trigger + inverter + bright led. When you try to blow the candle out, the flame will disappear momentarily, but will always come back on.


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