Unleashing the Power at Maker Faire Bay Area

By Erin Mulcahy

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littleBits is growing up. We’ve spent the past two years focused on the first part of our mission of putting electronics into the hands of everyone and now it’s time to unleash the power. Let’s raise the ceiling on what is possible and empower designers, artists, educators and makers with the tools they need to create, teach and build with electronics.

Join us in booth #628 in the Expo Hall for our most interactive, high tech Maker Faire experience yet! Here are some of the highlights we have planned to celebrate the “Year of the Maker” in the Bay Area:

Module Demos

Visit our demo table for a hands-on experience with your favorite littleBits modules, and some new additions to the family. Check out sample circuits within the booth, showcasing the Exploration, Synth and Space Kits and new modules.

Interactive Projects

Have you ever played rock, paper, scissors with a robot? How about a game of Pong against your friend using a controller made of littleBits? Now’s your chance to test out your brains and brawn in a littleBits powered universe!

Mini- Hackathons

If you are up for the challenge of prototyping your ideas in a rapid fire session, sign up at our booth for a littleBits powered mini-hackathon. Competitions will be running throughout the weekend. The winning team will be handsomely rewarded with something…very awesome (our lips are sealed for now).

NEW products

We have a big announcement coming out soon that is not to be missed. This new product will be available for purchase and experimentation in the booth.

Educators and maker spaces, we’ve also got you covered. We have a few things up our sleeves that we can’t wait to show you.


We’ll see you in Booth #628 on Saturday and Sunday, May 17- 18 at the San Mateo Events Center.



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