Using computational thinking to solve tough problems

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The New York Times has covered a major concept that is close to our hearts here at littleBits, and we wanted to share it with our educator community. Computational thinking is the cornerstone of one the most in-demand 21st-century skills – coding. As educators, you know that coding is more than just a tool for programmers. Computational thinking supports the ability to use code to improve the world around us.

Computational thinking is baked into just about everything here at littleBits. Our lessons and resources are inspired by the belief that students need to think out-of-the-box when it comes to creative solutions. Students may find that half of this battle is making sure they are approaching the problem (or, in programming, the data) in the most efficient way. Asking the right questions, and approaching hurdles with an inventive mindset (fostered by educators!) leads to innovative concepts and greater efficiency.

To read more on how computational thinking can improve how we solve problems, check out the New York Times article now.

P.S. This school of thought is the driving force behind why we created the new littleBits Code Kit. To learn more, get a sneak peek at the Code Kit (shipping June 1st) here.

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