VIDEO: Connectivity, Coding; the Four Cs Webinar Recap

By Adam Skobodzinski

To celebrate our new litteBits Code Kit shipping, littleBits held an epic panel on Coding & the Four Cs on June 1st. Featured panelists included littleBits founder and CEO Ayah Bdeir, as well as world renowned cultural anthropologist and founder of Connected Camps, Mimi Ito. Attendees also got to hear from various educators on their experience and success with bringing coding to the classroom.

So, why the Four Cs? When creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking are combined with coding, educators end up with a style of learning that resonates with students. littleBits founder Ayah Bdeir spoke on why “this is for your future” doesn’t mean anything to kids – if teachers and librarians want them to grasp the full value of something, they need to connect learning to something meaningful young learners can do now. Whether that means taking a page from Elon Musk and inventing a sibling alarm or making a bubble Bot, students need to feel connected to what they are making. The Code Kit, is the physical (and software!) manifestation of this belief.

Speaking of connected, Mimi Ito also offered insight on connectivity and learning. Mimi is a huge advocate and influencer for Connected Learning, which is when a student pursues a personal interest with the aid of peers, mentors, and a supportive network. The research Mimi has taken part in speaks for itself; students learn more effectively when actively engaged, solving problems they personally care about, and are surrounded by a supportive community that recognizes their achievements. And when it comes to girls learning code (or any STEAM based skill), this especially holds true! This school of thought inspired Connected Camps and inspires us at littleBits, too.

Do you want to integrate these tips and insights into your classroom or makerspace? Learn more about how you can incorporate coding with the Four Cs with this webinar recording. Also, don’t forget to take a peek at the amazing resources we created to support educators in our new littleBits Code Kit. Educators have one of the hardest jobs out there and that’s why littleBits is here to support all educators in preparing all students for the future.

Build Games. Learn to code. Then, watch your students change the world!

Grace Morales
Education Marketing Coordinator


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