Video: How to invent a Bitbot!

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On February 3rd, we livestreamed a Bitbot tutorial and added a few remixes for inventors looking to take their bots up a notch or two. If you didn’t get to tune into our last Facebook live Invent A Bitbot event, or just need to rewatch it, now is your chance!

New to the inventing world? The Bitbot is a wireless rover that will do your bidding thanks to the tethered DC motor Bit and the Bluetooth Low Energy Bit. Use this snazzy vehicle to play pranks, explore, race, and more.

Watch the video and then get ready to invent!

The Bitbot is built with our Gizmos & Gadgets Kit, 2nd Edition. Get your own today and start building Bitbots!

Stephanie Valente
Content Manager


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