We Only Have 18 Summers to Create, Invent, and Play!

By allison vannest

Karell Roxas, of Motherly, wrote a perspective piece this summer about having only 18 summers with our kids — and that’s why it is so important to make the most of them. Creating and inventing are two fun, engaging ways for parents to spend quality time with their kids.
Luckily, the littleBits team has a lot of suggestions around the types of summer STEAM activities that might resonate!

Some of our favorite tips for things to do over the years have included:
Dive into the science of cooking. Create your own ice cream, learn the chemistry behind baking, or even play with your food and Makey Makey! You can also test out these STEM and food experiments at home.
Study architecture. Does your child have a favorite building in your town or city? Or, does he or she like a famous monument such as the Eiffel Tower? Learn about how it’s built and why – and if possible, visit the building or site itself. This awesome STEM picture book is a great launch point for kids interested in building.
Add STEM to your summer holidays. Going on a summer vay-cay? There’s lots of STEM activities you can do on car road trips, camping, or at a hotel. You can also think about cooling hats for hot days, a firework display, or a Bitifed campfire.
Interested in making vs. doing? Start out with this awesome Take-Out Tiki Torch!

All you have to do is grab a few Bits and the box from your last Chinese-food delivery and get making!
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