Webinar: How to bring littleBits to your school or district

By Adam Skobodzinski

When it comes to introducing new tools that foster 21st-century skills to your school or district, there may be some roadblocks ahead. As a teacher, how do you convince your administrators to “buy in” to your ideas? As an administrator, how do you ensure your teachers are on board and feel prepared?

In this webinar, two administrators speak on how they brought littleBits to their schools and district. You can find Sergio’s presentation here, Paul’s presentation here, and littleBits’ presentation here.

More on our educator speakers:


Sergio Anaya (left) is the former curriculum supervisor at Colonial School District (CSD) and the new Director of Teaching, Learning, and Innovation at Delaware County Intermediate Unit. With a background in History, Anthropology and Instructional Technology, Mr. Anaya has provided support to curriculum development in areas from Social Studies and Technology Education, to Health & Physical Education.

Paul Zimmerman (right) offers a different angle to training.  Technology permeates every facet of life and while the technical aspect is important to practice and understand, the human behind the technology is just as important.  As the Technology Innovator in Blaine County School District, his focus is finding practical uses for innovative ideas in the classroom.  Paul believes that understanding the teacher's perspective should always be the first step to innovation.

We can’t wait to see what you create!

Grace Morales

Education Marketing Coordinator


P.S - Looking for fun and new ways to bring coding to your school? Register for our webinar on how to make Hour of Code epic on November 15th at 3pm ET,  featuring speakers from Scratch EDU, Code.org, and littleBits education.


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