[Webinar]How to host an epic Hour of Code™

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What do Code.org, ScratchED & littleBits have in common? We all gathered to give you the top tips and tricks to “crack” Hour of Code. First-timers and code-masters alike will find this webinar invaluable as our superstar panelists had something for everyone who is looking to champion digital literacy. You can find the recording above and links to all the presentations featured below.
Here’s some background on our speakers:

Jon Samuelson currently works as an innovation strategist for the Beaverton School District in Beaverton, OR. Creator of the Techandia Podcast, he has been an educator for over 20 years. He has presented and keynoted at conferences around the United States, sharing his love of learning and educational technology, and constantly strives to learn and share ideas with educators. You can reference his presentation here.

Kiki Prottsman works as the Curriculum Development Manager at Code.org and is a former computer science instructor at the University of Oregon, a Member of Mensa, and a past Chair of Women in Computer Science. As a champion for responsible computing and equity in both CS employment and education, Kiki works with many organizations to improve the experience of girls and women in STEM. She currently sits on the Advisory Board for Wonder Workshop Robotics, while also playing an advisory role in many STEM grant projects. You can find Code.org’s deck here.

Laura Peters is a Project Manager for Dr. Karen Brennan’s Creative Computing Lab at the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE). The Lab’s mission is to democratize access to computational creation by supporting K-12 educators. Laura and her colleague Alexa manage the ScratchEd online community, support the growing network of ScratchEd Meetup locations, develop resources for educators, and investigate ways in which learning environments influence young people’s development as computational creators. You can find ScratchED’s presentation here, as well as a supporting document here.
littleBits is honored to be a part of this growing movement to prepare students for the careers of the 21st century — especially alongside such an amazing educator community.
We can’t wait to see what you create!
Grace Morales
Education Marketing Coordinator
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