Weekly Inspiration - Jan 21, 2014

By Adam Skobodzinski

With a little innovation and design you can build machines to help solve any problem. Here are some of our favorite DIY machines.

1. Build a 3D Printer That You Can Take Anywhere!

Got a briefcase? Then get to building your portable 3D printer. Make awesome 3D objects wherever you are – think of the possibilities!

2. Make a DIY Projector with your Phone

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 1.58.07 PM

Slide projectors are great but outdated. And digital projectors cost a bundle. What’s a photographer to do when they’re looking for a bigger picture? Learn how to turn your phone into a photo projector for just $1.

3. DIY Rotational Moulding Machine


Design students Andrew Duffy, Craig Tyler and Edward Harrison from the university of rochester constructed a miniature rotational moulding machine. The DIY rotation moulding machine was built to replicate the industrial process  to help further understand its possibilities. It was built from scrap materials and powered simply by a cordless drill. With the use of cold setting bio resins, hollow plastic products are created.

4. DIY Chocolate 3D Printer made with LEGOS

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 2.28.27 PM

3D printing just became significantly more delicious! Although this project is still in the prototyping stages we have confidence that with a few minor adjustments it will be ready to fulfill all your chocolate 3D printing needs!





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