Weekly Inspiration - Jan 27, 2014

By Adam Skobodzinski

1. Legacy Studios brings Cleatus the Robot to Life

If you watch football on Fox, you’ve seen Cleatus, the network’s giant, animated robot mascot. Last year, Fox decided to send Cleatus on the road and they hired Legacy Studios to make it happen. Watch how Legacy used 3D printing and lots of L200 foam to bring this football-loving robot to life.

2. Nike uses 3D printing to help players perform


During the Big Game, Nike will debut their new Vapor Carbon Elite 3D printed cleats. The tri-star shaped studs are designed to grip the ground so players don’t slip when they take off running. Read all about it at Wired. 

3. How cold is it? Fox’s infrared cameras will let you know

This year’s game might be the coldest on record; bad news for the fans in the stands but great for Fox’s new infrared camera. The camera will show changes in player body temperatures and produce cool images like this:


 4. A Different Kind of Football Hero

Finally, a different kind of football game. In this video, footballers (aka soccer players) in the UK play a giant game of Guitar Hero by kicking the ball at the proper colored squares. Now that’s team work.


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