Weekly Inspiration - September 5, 2013

By Adam Skobodzinski

1. Concrete Box Camera


When The Flintstones go on vacation, they take along a concrete camera just like this one. Want to make your own? Creating the concrete box and plywood shutter is the easy part. Finding a store that sells actual rolls of film is the hard part. Get full instructions on Instructables.

2. The Ultimate Public Chair for Battery Park


Battery Conservancy is offering a $10,000 prize to the designer who can create the ultimate park chair. More than 1,500 entered and the field has been narrowed to the top 50 designs. These include the pretzel chair, which can be flipped over for a different feel, a chair designed after a folded newspaper, and a chair with tiny video panels that function as a piece of ever changing art, until someone sits down. Read more in Atlantic Cities.

3. How to Make a Steampunk Octopith

You’ll rule the beach when you show up wearing this customized pith helmet. The octopus body is made from a toilet ball and the tentacles are those jointed, wooden snakes you find in the dime store. Jules Verne would be proud.

4. The Memory Quilt

Fragmented Memory Process (Edited for Wired 2013) from Phillip Stearns on Vimeo.

Artist Phillip Stearns converted the binary data from his computer’s memory into a digital pattern which was then woven into a textile. At a glance, it looks like nothing more than a colorful tapestry but the pattern can actually be decoded and turned back into readable data. In this case, the medium truly is the message.

5. Beautiful 3D Printing Fails


We love these examples of 3D printing gone bad, and good again! It’s a nice reminder that it’s ok to make a mistake, especially if it looks this good!


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