Weekly Inspiration - October 10, 2013

By Adam Skobodzinski

littleBits are great for making things move, glow and buzz but they’re also great for creating works of art. Here are a few other people that are using unusual tools and materials to create unique works of art.

1. There’s a Painting at the End of This Book

Fore-edge paintings are also called secret paintings because you can’t see them when you look at the closed book, but squeeze the pages just the right way and a beautiful scene appears. Amazing.

2. Copy Cat

Last month Austrian artist Alex Kiessling completed an amazing feat. He painted the same picture in Vienna, London and Berlin all at the same time. He did it by using two robot painters who copied his movements via signals from an infrared sensor. 

3. 3D Doodling

Why just doodle on paper when you can doodle in the air?

4. Dieter Roth’s Work is Rotten

While most artists hope their work will live on long after they’re gone, Dieter Roth hopes his works will disintegrate before he does. The artist uses material such as chocolate and fat (used to create the heads in this tub) or squished sausages to create works that will change as they mold and putrefy.

5. The Art Inside

Astro Saulter has cerebral palsy but with the use of a specially designed headswitch in the back of his wheelchair, he’s able to create art pieces on the computer. Says Saulter, “I take a lot of pride and enthusiasm in imagining and creating new art all the time. No matter who you are or where you come from or even if you have a disability, if you have a dream or vision of something you really want to do in life, you must face that challenge, that goal head-on.”


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