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The dictionary definition of “child’s play” is a task that is easily done, but these artists and designers are taking child’s play to a whole new level.

1. Wax Works

Wax Works
Hoang Tran carves characters from movies and TV out of crayons like this sculpture of Jake from Adventure Time. Madame Tussauds would be proud.  (via Make)

2. BLACK: My journey to yo-yo mastery

Like a boxer training for a championship fight, BLACK poured his heart and soul into first mastering the yo-yo, then turning it into an art. Here he is giving a  TED talk proving what he says is true, with enough effort and passion, you can do anything.

3. A Sketch in Time

George Vlosich III is the grand master of Etch-a-Sketch art. He started when he was just ten years old and now his pieces sell for thousands of dollars. (Or you can buy prints for a lot less.) Want to know how he does it? He talks about the process on his website but that won’t help you wrap your brain around the fact that this portrait of Las Vegas is made out of a single, continuous line.

4. The Smaller They Are The Cooler They Fall

ShanesDominoez is a YouTube channel dedicated to the fine art of setting them up and knocking them down. In this video, Shane and 5 other builders created a 45,000 domino tribute to all sorts of games including chess, tennis and an incredible Connect Four that crumbles elegantly.

5. Go Directly to Jail…Or Not

Alec Monopoly is an anonymous street artist who includes images from the classic game in much of his work. He says he does it “to remind people that the road to success in the real world is like playing a game of Monopoly.”  Unfortunately, graffiti is illegal but the artist says the possibility of being caught by the law is just a part of the process. Find out more about his work here


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