Weekly Inspiration - September 11, 2013

By Adam Skobodzinski

1. The First Female Scientist LEGO Minifigure


It took them 35 years to get there, but LEGO finally released the first female scientist minifigure. She’s part of the new Series 11 collection which also includes a Lady Robot, a Yeti and a Grandmom.

2. Going Up!

While most people ride their bike around their house, Ethan rides a bike up to his house and back down again. When asked why he built a bicycle powered elevator, the designer answered simply “because I got tired of climbing a ladder.” Proof that inspiration comes in many forms.

3. How to Turn a Plastic Bottle into a T-shirt

Plastic bottle

It’s Fashion Week in New York City and eco-conscious visitors can take home a very special souvenir from the Plastics Make it Possible. Simply insert an empty water bottle into the “coin” slot on this vending machine and out pops a T-shirt made of recycled plastic fabric.

 4. Artist Breathes New Life into Old Games


Video game designer Noirlac is paying homage to his roots with these enhanced pixel images from classic video games. Let the text adventure begin!

5. Ballpoint Barber

With an iPad and a stylus, this filmmaker puts the Hair Club for Men out of business.



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