What Does a Super Hero Look Like? A Teacher What Does a Super Hero Look Like? A Teacher

What Does a Super Hero Look Like? A Teacher

By Allie VanNest

Back in August, when teachers were working tirelessly to prepare their classrooms for this new school year, photos of one third grade teacher’s Harry Potter-themed classroom made the rounds on social media. Mrs. Bargella’s classroom incorporated everything from a mandrake and a sorting hat, to spell books and potions. She even sent a letter “from Hogwarts” to incoming students to get them in the right mindset.

As a result, her third graders started the year engaged, excited, and ready to learn!

Mrs. Bargella, and so many other teachers across the country and the world, are going above and beyond for their students every day. From putting in extra time to help a student with a challenging topic, to finding ways to make learning just a little bit more accessible, teachers play a huge role in the development of students and society.

That’s why we, at littleBits, are so excited to celebrate World Teacher’s Day on Friday, October 5. We want to take some time to recognize all of the teachers out there who — faced with limited resources, competing priorities, and other uphill struggles — show up for their students every day in the most heroic of ways. They are true Super Heroes, day in and day out.

(Believe us, we know Super Heroes!)

Chances are, if you’re looking for a hero in real life, it’s likely you won’t have to look beyond your local school. Here are some examples of teacher / Super Heroes who are positively impacting students every day:

Look at Mrs. Manning, who was recognized at the White House as National Teacher of the Year in 2018 for her work teaching English to immigrants and refugees in Spokane, Washington. She gave her refugee students a voice when she handed President Trump a stack of letters from from them — for perspective.

Look at Professor Johnson, who held a student’s baby during a Physics lecture so she wouldn’t have to miss class due to childcare complications.

Look at Mrs. Edwards, who takes her students to Skid Row in Los Angeles to hand out clothing and blankets to homeless people — teaching important lessons about giving back.

Look at Mrs. Evans, who protected her students from a tornado in Oklahoma City by using her own body as a shield from flying debris.

But teachers don’t have to make huge gestures to be heroic in the classroom. Super Hero teachers often demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • They inspire!
  • They encourage!
  • They improvise!
  • They have passion!
  • They have patience!

Have you had a Super Hero teacher in the past (or does your kid have an amazing teacher now)? Share why on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook!

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