When Bits Make Food

By Adam Skobodzinski

As preparations begin for this weekend’s Global Makeathon, we thought we’d share some littleBits food-related projects.  After all, the theme for our Makeathon is “making and munching”, and who doesn’t like munching – or making,  for that matter!?


Web Controlled Sous Vide Eggs

Chris Michaelides

In his Cloud Cooking blog post, Chris shares how he came to cook sous vide eggs perfectly timed for his morning breakfast.  No, his gadget does not look like the breakfast machine scene from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, but we wouldn’t mind if it did!  A well placed piece of cardboard and a thick rubber band was all he needed to position the servo to press the ANOVO One’s force-sensitive touch screen.



Line Following Snack Serving Robot


The SnackBot is a line following, snack serving robot.  This no programming required bot has wheels and a platform to hold your bowl of party mix.  White poster board with a path of black electrical tape provide an ideal course for SnackBot to serve delicious snacks to your guests as they make their next invention.



Milind Sonavane, chapter leader: Pune, India

ButterBot by MakersPark from makerspark on Vimeo.

Make fresh buttermilk every morning the Indian way!  The ButterBot is powered by the cloudBit and a servo.  The cloudBit turns on a servo to churn for 20 minutes every morning before breakfast.


Tea Machine

Sondre, 9

 The Tea Machine will steep your tea for 4 minutes and 13 seconds, and then the littleBits will automatically remove the tea bag.  Next, a buzzer will sound and light wire will flash to call you back to your fresh HOT cup of tea!  All the bits used in the tea machine project are available in the Deluxe Kit.


Grind & Brew Cloud Start

This project uses the cloudBit and a servo to bitify a coffee grinder/brewer.  Now it’s maker can fill it with beans before going to bed, and make coffee while still in bed.



Hungry Pringles Man


Play this video to wake up the Hungry Pringles Man.  You won’t regret it!

Now that you’re hungry… We hope you have a great time making and munching with friends!





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