Who We Met At Maker Faire

By Chloe Varelidi

Last weekend we had such a blast at Maker Faire; the cloudBit house was snapping and buzzing with creativity non-stop, thanks to all the amazing makers who came to visit. Our intrepid team of bit’sters interviewed some of you who stopped by our (very purple) booth; here are five makers who inspired us with their superpowers and dreamBit ideas!

Liza @liza_stark


I am based in New York and this is my third Maker Faire

My maker superpower is building circuits out of crafty things. I am working on a hand fan, which when you wave it in certain ways it, senses persistence of vision and it sends different messages to the people around you.

I would use littlebits to…make adorable crabs!

My dream bit is a colorBit; a sensor that would detect different colors.

Vasilis @codebender


I am based in Patras, Greece and this is my 1st Maker Faire.

My maker superpower is codebending. I am working on an online development tool called Codebender that makes it super easy to build things with Arduino.

I would use littlebits to make a hat with blinking LEDs using the cloudBit and the arduinoBit.

My dream bit is a rocketshipBit; it launches into space!

Tracie @gamify_learning


I am based in Detroit and this is my first Maker Faire

My maker superpower is wearable electronics. I am a teacher and right now I am working with my students on gloves that light up with LEDs using conductive thread.

I would use littlebits to make a….I don’t know! littleBits are limitless- hopefully my students will have ideas!

My dream bit is the cookBit; it makes dinner!

Ameer @amourad


I am based in New York and this is my first Maker Faire

My maker superpower is being a n00b in the maker movement! I am just starting off in the maker movement and am really excited about everything!

I would use littlebits to make a fridge magnet that could give me a message about what’s in my fridge.

My dream bit is obviously the fridgeBit; it works like magnetic poetry but with bits!


Tenaya @lininowoman @tenayahurst


I am based in San Fransisco and this is my third Maker Faire

My maker superpowers are making makers! I work as a mentor at the Childrens Creativity museum in San Fransisco and I am always inspired by my students’ creativity. My other superpower is that I make Linino, a Linux enabled Arduino which is also wireless. You can see it on display with these RGB LED stripes. As you can tell, I love weiner dogs!

I would use littlebits to inspire my students and experiment with the accelerometers, motion sensors and temperature sensors.

My dream bit is a holidayBit; one that switches according to holidays, orange for Halloween, red and green for Christmas…



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