Willi in Danger: Amazing and Fun Project!

By Adam Skobodzinski

Wild Hog ‘Willi Wutz’ and the Hunter” is an amazing and creative project made by Arne and his dad René, who live in Friedrichsdorf, Germany. We fell in love with it immediately! We asked René what was the inspiration for them in making their creation and here’s their story…

“Teaching my kids about how things work and how to build them is what I really like to give my kids on their way into life.

Our littleBits project was just fun building. I had first learned about littleBits last summer by reading an article on www.golem.de which is one of the daily info portals I use to stay up-to-date with the IT world. I just saw it and loved it.

I have two sons ages 8 and 4. Arne, my 8 year old, got littleBits as one of his Christmas presents this year (Extended Kit plus some individual Bits). Because we had a longer school holiday period we needed some ‘projects’ for Arne. That was the intention behind getting him littleBits and it worked! 😉

On Christmas eve he recognized the present and went straight away to start testing what can be done with this new kind of Lego® bricks. He was already an ‘experienced’ Lego® builder.

The idea for “Willi in Danger” goes back to a discussion we had on what Arne could do during school holidays. We came up with some handicraft work. Arne loves to watch the other littleBits projects and we tried to pick one to recreate. But either we were missing some Bits or we just weren’t convinced it was what we wanted to do.

I also like to explain to my kids that not all things must be bought – there are many things one can build if one tries to understand the background and adds some craftsmanship. We also sometimes practice traditional archery which is how we came up with this hunting scene. But we never would hurt an animal!! “Willli Wuz” is simply more clever then our hunter, so there is no real danger. After I found the comics of a hunter (nobody will believe he is a real danger, is he?) and Willi the hog, it was easy to inspire Arne to build this project.

Of course simply gluing some paper together was not enough. We put in some extra wire to make the figures stronger and make it easier to correct them by bending the inserted wires afterwards. Also creating the circuit was not clear from the beginning and we had to experiment. After we began, Arne came up with the sound ‘extension’ and we needed to rearrange the Bits completely to fit them into the box.

We had a lot of fun and Arne liked the handicraft work so much that he built more figures on his own. The box we had chosen turned out to be a bit small after these additions.

I’d like to thank you and the team behind littleBits for the inspiration and this kind of effective toy! We come closer to the robots Arne likes so much.

We need more Bits – at least the ones we don’t have yet, that’s for sure!”

~ René Kießling


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