WIRED: littleBits, a Favorite Tool of Hardware Hackers, Is Now Cloud-Enabled

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WIRED wrote about the cloudBit launch and how littleBits is used by hardware startups to prototype their inventions.


The cloudBit, announced today, is a new component that’ll connect any littleBits creation to the internet, allowing it to be programmed through a simple web interface. . . Already, the cloudBit’s beta testers have made a flood of other devices, including an automatic fish feeder and a cloud-connected camera rig linking 100 DSLR cameras in series, to capture the time-lapse motion of a runner. ”


WIRED Screen Shot 2014-07-23


In the interview with WIRED, Ayah Bdeir spoke about startups such as Ringly that have used littleBits in prototyping:


“It was to be a ring that notified you when someone called or texted you, so that you’d never have to pull your phone out of your purse. When Bdeir asked to see the prototype, the woman, Christina Mercando, pulled out a contraption powered by littleBits. .  . ‘There are thousands of hardware campaigns on Kickstarter,’ she says. ‘And 70-80% of them you could make with cloudBits and littleBits.'”


Read the full article at WIRED.


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