With Love From littleBits

By Emily Tuteur

Make this Valentine’s Day extra special with these six littleBits projects!

Lucky Valentine’s Day Slots

Try your luck with the littleBits Lucky Slot Machine and win a handful of candy hearts for your special someone. This slot machine operates just like the real thing. Pull the lever to start the graphics spinning on three DC motors. As they stop spinning in succession, win big when three hearts line up. When the hearts align, so do three bright LEDs and three corresponding light sensors. This signals the servo-activated trapdoor to release a candy jackpot.


Kissing Machine

Looking for love? Build a littleBits Kissing Machine! With a DC motor, a simple quick return mechanism and a pair of lips, you will never feel lonely on Valentine’s Day again. Make this project with the Base Kit.


Kissing Machine from littleBits on Vimeo.

Teddy Bear with Valentine’s Flair

Show your soft side (and hacker ability) with this DIY Light-up Valentine’s Teddy Bear. Just add a bright LED, a light wire and a pulse to your favorite stuffed animal.


CNC Your Way To Love

Are you a super maker? Show your love with this DIY littleBits/piccolo CNC machine. Cut out a playdough heart or draw a miniature picture. You could even use this mini CNC machine as a lathe (with the rotary application) to turn some fancy wax candles for a romantic dinner (see crayon turning in video). The CNC machine moves along the X, Y, and Z axes with servos controlled by dimmers (or other littleBits input modules). XYZ XOXOXO XYZ XOXOXO


Love Note Delivery

Make a beeline towards your sweetheart with this love note-toting vehicle. Lay down a path of black tape leading up to your loved one and watch your Line Follower (originally made by the Yoobin family) make a special delivery from across the room. Two bright LEDs shine on the floor, reflect light up into two light sensors that connect to two DC motors spinning the wheels, and keep this smart little car on course. Send sweet nothings back and forth to your heart’s content.


Remix A Love Song

Give the gift of music! Combine the littleBits synth kit and microphone module with your mp3 player to remix and record your favorite love songs. Impress your one and only with this modern day version of a mixed tape.


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