Workshop Spotlight: Rolling Robots

By Erin Mulcahy

We hope everyone had a happy holiday filled with littleBits playing, learning and tinkering! To supercharge your creativity, this week we are showcasing the workshops that are hosted by Rolling Robots, in Southern California. Bing Jiang is the energetic leader of the Rolling Robots group and she is excited to bring some geeky littleBits fun into her programs. Their team even made this helpful demo video to familiarize their participants with the products.
Here’s the report from Bing on the flow of the workshop and details on some of their favorite Bits modules:


We started our session showing the participants some interesting projects on the littleBits website.  The color coding of the Bits was explained to everyone.  It’s very easy to understand that the basic color order is blue, pink and green. The orange color was introduced a little later after participants have explored the functions of the pink input and the green output Bits.


light wire rolling robots


Participants and their adult supervisors spent about one hour exploring the various modules and building their creations.  The DC motor Bit was the favorite of many. Some of the motorized projects included a spinning flower garden, a flying space shuttle and Lego cars. The bargraph Bit combined with the slide dimmer Bit (or regular dimmer Bit) always wow’s the crowd and brings a smile to everyone’s faces. After the participants tested out the bargraph, it became a “must have” for many of the projects. The pulse Bit is another fun module. When the kids were using the button Bit in their circuit, they would push it repeatedly to see the lights go on and off.  This was the time when we introduced the pulse Bit if they had not yet discovered it. We explained how the speed of the pulse can be changed by using the little purple screwdriver.


fan rolling robots


I very much appreciate that littleBits provides a platform for me to fulfill the mission of Rolling Robots; “sparks creativity and fun in kids through technology, inspiring future generations of innovative dreamers and doers.”


The most satisfying moment for me is seeing the excited faces when they are showing off their creations. It makes me feel that we are helping to build their confidence in learning and inventing one Bit at a time.


rolling 2


We have planned more littleBits workshops in the coming months. The next workshop is scheduled for Jan. 18th. For reservations, please visit: and click the littleBits workshop button in the upper right hand corner.




Thank you to everyone who shared their creations! Keep an eye on the project page for more submissions from the Rolling Robots workshops. We love seeing what our community invents!



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