You will not believe who is joining our community call next week!

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To celebrate our 5 year Birthday the community team here at littleBits is putting together a super special Community Call. Join our founder, Ayah Bdeir, and a group of Bitsters who have been with the company since the beginning.

Can you guess why there are no yellow bits? What was the first project to be uploaded on our invention platform? How many people did our first office fit? What’s everyone’s favorite emoji? Join us to hear untold stories, answer all your burning questions and learn about the funniest of facts.

WHEN: 4pm EST on Wednesday the 28th of September
WHERE: The littleBits Unhangout
WHO: This bunch


Hosting the call will be our own Liza, Community & Content Lead.

Chloe Varelidi
Director of Engagement


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