8 Mother's Day inventions to build for your mom

By Adam Skobodzinski

Do you want to celebrate your mom this Mother’s Day and make her feel extra special? Why not make her a unique and awesome invention? It’s genuine, special, and engineered by you.

Here are 8 ideas for inventions that let mom know you love her, and you’re super thankful for everything she does.

1. Make a Wheel o' Fun.

This is a remix of our Fan of Fortuneinvention – give your mom the gift of quality time! The Mother's Day Wheel O' Fun makes spending time with your family even more enjoyable.

2. Design a moving card.

Take paper + LEGO + Bits for an oh-so-cool card that moves. Your mom will love it! P.S. Here’s our interactive version, for more inspo.

3. Build a light-up box.

Add some sparkle and warmth to your home. Mom will love a sign with a sweet (or funny!) message for her to display.

4. Help her worry less.

Always running late? Keep mom calm with this location-indicator device. She’ll know when you’re on your way home.

5. Engineer something that spins.

Flowers aren’t enough. Make your own flowers, spinning hearts, and blinking lights for a mega-awesome Mother’s Day present.

6. Give her an email alert device.

Does your mom love all things tech related? Make her a cool email alert device that will let her know she’s got a new message.

7. Engineer a music machine.

Design an extra-special music box for your mama and add synth so it can play her favorite tune. A love song or dance jam is perfect.

8. Help mom relax.

If your mom enjoys meditating or just relaxing, make this beautiful Dream Flower invention. She can focus on it while she practices mindfulness or just has something lovely to look at while she unwinds and curls up with a good book.

Stephanie Valente
Content Manager


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