9 NEW inventions to build with your Rule Your Room Kit

By Adam Skobodzinski

After getting the Rule Your Room Kit, you’ve become the master inventor of moving collages, burglar alarms, and secret safes. You might’ve even ventured into a Disney Frozen Kingdom and designed a magical worldof your own. If you’ve created the 8 inventions that come in the Rule Your Room Kit, why not start to design and innovate outside of the box? Here are some cool new inventions made with the popular Rule Your Room Kit by our clever community members. Can you create something unique like they did?

Get some inspiration below and upload your new invention to our site!

1. Pizza Alarm

Who says alarms can’t be fun? This invention buzzes whenever you eat pizza.

2. Quiz Game

Invent your own quiz games with this tech kit and its Makey Makey Bit. Game night just got more interesting.

3. Crate-O-Matic

Engineer an automatic dog crate and your fluffy best friend can enter or exit his or her little abode anytime.

4. Leftovers Alarm

Got some super yummy take out last night? Protect your tasty treats from sticky fingers and keep those leftovers safe...until you eat ‘em!

5. Light Saver

Innovate andlower your electricity bill at the same time! This device reminds you to turn off the lights before you leave the room.

6. Mashed Potato Launcher

Yes, you can play with your food! Lead some pranks at dinner with this epic Mashed Potato Launcher.

7. Secret Notebook

Instead of a hidden bookcase...now you can design a secret notebook that will keep your secret goodies safe! Talk about cool.

8. Door Alarm

Are you craving some privacy? Keep your sister or brother OUT of your space with this door alarm. The buzzer is triggered when the handle is turned.

9. Operation Maze

Why not invent your own maze game? Use one of your favorite crafting toys such as Playdoh to make the maze and create endless hours of fun.

Stephanie Valente
Content Manager


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