Did you see littleBits on Rachael Ray? (Video)

By Adam Skobodzinski

Calling all Shark Tankenthusiasts! Your tech and TV worlds collided recently, when the Shark Tankjudges made a guest appearance on the Rachael Ray show. On Shark Tank, budding entrepreneurs pitch their ideas for a chance for them to come to life. But this time there was a twist: On The Rachael Ray Show, a few young budding engineers pitched their innovative idea for a chance at the $3,000 prize...and the best part is that the inventions were prototyped with Bits!

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We’re so proud to see these innovative inventors turning their ideas into a reality. Who are they and what did they make? Read on and watch a video clip from the episode below!

Jordan Reeves:This 11-year-old inventor made two inventions with a 3D printer. One device will let you grab a paper towel with one hand, and the second is a wearable glitter blaster. Totally genius.

Gary Lechinsky:A 9-year-old inventor designed a wearable device that sends an alert when a person near you is having an allergy attack. Talk about forward thinking!

Shakeen Julio & Allieberry Pitter:this designing 13-year-old duo created a scooter that charges while your ride. We think teens will love it.

H/t via The Rachael Ray Show

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