Why kids, parents, and critics love the Droid Inventor Kit

By Adam Skobodzinski

Droid Inventor KitAs the year comes to a close, people tend to make lists. Lists of things they wish Santa would bring them. Lists of resolutions. Lists of things they forgot to get at the grocery store for the big holiday meal. So to celebrate the listing season, we made a list of our own.

This was a special year for littleBits. We participated in the Disney Accelerator Program, had a billboard in Times Squarethat announced our mission to the world, and created one of the most popular kitsin our company’s history.

There was so much buzz about the littleBits Droid Inventor Kit, we started a list just to keep track of all of it. And every now and then, someone would say something that warmed our hearts so much, we kept it in a special place. Here’s our list of some of the best things people said about us in the press.


Fast Co. Design:With "Star Wars" Overload, this Droid is a Force to be Reckoned With
"This is the most fun anyone has had with Star Wars toys, I swear."

WIRED:15 Smart STEM Toys for the Techie in Your Life
"Yes, we already included this in our Star Wars gift guide, but we’re posting it again because it is really that cool."

TechCrunch:How littleBits Grew from Side Project to Star Wars
“The littleBits Droid Inventor Kit was one of the most compelling offerings among the deluge of products released on Force Friday in anticipation of December's The Last Jedi.”

Engadget:Kids Judge R2-D2 Droids Built by Facebook, Google, and Fitbit
"...according to littleBits CEO Ayah Bdeir, [the purpose of their Droidathon] was to get kids to meet people in the industry who look like them...the goal? To promote diversity in science and technology."

LittleThings:This 9-Year-Old Girl's Brilliant Invention Could Help Keep Kids Away From Screens
"I think that some people are scared to invent. It takes bravery to actually start tinkering...I don't think they realize that they can do anything they set their mind to."

Fatherly:Holiday Helper 
"This holiday season, give your kid a galaxy of possibilities."

Forbes:Here are All the Best 'Star Wars' Gifts for Holiday 2017
"This is the Droid you're looking for."

LIVE with Kelly and Ryan:Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Hottest Toys
"You actually build your own R2-D2!"


If this list left you wondering, ‘Where can I get a Droid Inventor Kit for my kid in time for Christmas?’, here’s a list of where to go: Walmart, Disney Stores, and Apple Stores.

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