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Calling all zombies, witches, phantoms, and mad scientists! Use your bits to invent a costume or prank, then create a scary movie featuring your masterpiece! The petrifying project possibilities are endless! You can….
  • Trick out your pumpkin by making it a hack-o’-lantern.
  • Amp up your Halloween gear! Time to pull out that glowing skeleton costume.
  • Make a trick AND treat candy bowl: a prank to petrify costumed candy-grabbers. Muuahhahahahahaha!
  • Create that creaky, spooky sound coming from around the corner.

Need some help getting started?

Use the Invention Cycle to get going:

Invention Cycle
CREATE: Come up with a bone-chilling idea to unleash on an unsuspecting world.
Grab some Bits and a pile of Halloween props. Tinker until your idea comes aallliiiiiivvvveeeeee.

PLAY: Recruit some ghosts and ghouls to test your magical contraption or costume.
How do you want them to react? What kind of feedback do you want from them?

REMIX: Use the feedback you received to make changes to your design.
Maybe you want to add sound or make it move. Or perhaps you decide to change your idea completely - it’s totally ok! Just be sure to test it again before sharing. :o)

SHARE: Make a video and share your masterpiece.
Create a walk-through of your invention or film a scene featuring your gadget. To submit to the challenge, upload your invention using the Invention Editor and click on "Hack Halloween".

Are you an educator?

Check out these learning resources:
  • Workshop Guide: The Hack Your Halloween Workshop Guide is perfect for running a collaborative invention session at school or with friends.
  • Pro Tips for Documentation: Get advice for documenting and filming your invention.

Submit to this challenge on your own time to level up your inventor skills!
Invent something the community loves and you might just get some awesome Bitster swag!

Hack Halloween ran as a timed challenge in October 2015. Check out the winners here.

How it Works


Brainstorm ideas, then start building prototypes. Feeling stuck? Try using the Invention Cycle to get started.


Create a video or moving GIF showing your invention in action. How does it work? Why did you make it?


Don't you want the world to see it? Share your invention. Submit it to the challenge! You could inspire the next inventor with your creation.


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Goulish Prizes Await!

Three winners will receive up to $200 in Bits!


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Monty Kim

I'm a Product Designer at littleBits! I love seeing all the wacky inventions our community comes up with, and am constantly inspired by them when we are developing our Kits.


Erin Mulcahy

Hi, I'm Erin from the littleBits Education team. I manage strategic initiatives that help grow our STEAM products and programs. Before I joined littleBits in 2012, I worked for a variety of academi...more

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Elaine Khuu

Elaine here! As a Product Designer at littleBits, I get to invent all day. Building on 9+ years of experience in making and design; I help to ensure that our kits and inventions connect with the en...more