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You have the power to design a better world. We want you to create an invention that makes a difference in someone else’s life. It can be as simple as helping a friend learn morse code, creating a memory alarm for medication (or ramen), or fabricating a bionic arm out of legos.

Need some help getting started?

Use the Invention Cycle to get going:

Invention Cycle
CREATE: Start by thinking about where there are frustrations or difficulties in someone’s life.
Look through your Bits and materials to see how they can help. Come up with a list of ideas for a product, select the issue you want to work on, and make a prototype. Next, sketch out ideas, then pick your favorite, and create a prototype.

PLAY: Test your prototype.
The first product tester will be you. Pretend you are a customer who just purchased your invention. How well does it do its job? Take notes about what works and what doesn’t. You can make changes in the next version.

REMIX: Did playing with your invention go the way you expected?
Test it with the person you are designing it for. Ask them about their favorite parts, and what suggestions they have for making it better. Use their feedback to make improvements.

SHARE: Film a video featuring your invention!
It should explain what your invention is and how it can help make life better for the person you created it for. To submit to the challenge, upload your invention using the Invention Editor and click on Invent for Good.

Are you an educator?

Check out these learning resources:
  • Invent for Good Lesson Guide
  • Pro Tips for Documentation: Get advice for documenting and filming your invention.

  • Submit to this challenge on your own time to level up your inventor skills!
    Invent something the community loves and you might just get some awesome Bitster swag!

    Invent for Good ran as a timed challenge in March 2016. Check out the winners here.
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120 min

How it Works


Brainstorm ideas, then start building prototypes. Feeling stuck? Try using the Invention Cycle to get started.


Create a video or moving GIF showing your invention in action. How does it work? Why did you make it?


Don't you want the world to see it? Share your invention. Submit it to the challenge! You could inspire the next inventor with your creation.