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This Challenge closed on March 28, 2018 at 11:59pm ET. Check out the results!

Make it move using Bits! When did movement begin? You might say it always was. As you read this, no matter where you are (as long as you’re here on Earth), we’re orbiting around the Sun. We live on planet full of movement, and we see it every day, from the ocean and the wind, to cars, trucks, airplanes, and our bodies walking, running, dancing. Throughout history, we’ve observed motion in the natural world and invented our own ways to move ourselves and other things. Now’s your turn to use your Bits to invent something that moves.

You can create...
  • a Cupid Droid that delivers valentines to your friends
  • a vehicle that zips and zooms
  • a figurine that dances, jumps, swims…
  • a machine that makes light dance
  • a bioluminescent animal
Use your imagination and awesome powers of invention to get moving! You have until March 28 at 11:59pm ET to enter your submission through the Invent page or on the littleBits Invent app.

Get a jump start with our easy-to-follow invention steps below, or dive right into creating on your own.

Click here to download the challenge video.

Need some help getting started?

Use the Invention Cycle to get going:

Copy and remix this slideshow here.

Check out these community inventions for some inspiration:

Beginner to Intermediate
Intermediate to Advanced
Judges will determine winners based on the following criteria:
See slides above for full description.
  • Creative use of Bits and materials
  • Inventive problem-solving
  • Presentation and documentation

Are you an educator?

Check out these learning resources:
  • Make it Move Workshop Guide: This guide is full of brainstorming inspiration cards, activities, and ideas for structuring a workshop or classroom mini-unit.
  • Pro Tips for Documentation: Get advice for documenting and filming your invention.

How it Works


Brainstorm ideas, then start building prototypes. Feeling stuck? Try using the Invention Cycle to get started.


Create a video or moving GIF showing your invention in action. How does it work? Why did you make it?


Don't you want the world to see it? Share your invention. Submit it to the challenge! You could inspire the next inventor with your creation.


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One winner + two runners-up!

The Winner:

  • Receives a FREE littleBits Synth Kit
  • Gets a Featured Inventor page on littleBits.cc

The Runners-Up:
  • Receive some sweet littleBits swag
  • Get Featured Inventor pages on littlebits.cc



Ryan Mather

Ryan is a designer focused on play, learning, and technology. He is a Senior Designer on the Design Communications team at littleBits. His favorite move is the worm.


Katia Teran

Howdy, I am Katia! I am a part of the software product management team at littleBits. I am interested in human-centered product design and play as a vehicle for learning. I really love it when peop...more

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Monty Kim

I'm a Product Designer at littleBits! I love seeing all the wacky inventions our community comes up with, and am constantly inspired by them when we are developing our Kits.