Take the Challenge

Calling all witches, sorcerers, animagi, seers, and other members of the wizarding community. Grab your wands and start practicing your charms. We challenge you to use your inner magic to create a Harry Potter-inspired invention. You can...
  • Show us your best spell
  • Recreate your favorite scene
  • Build a magical animatronic creature
  • Forge an enchanted tool
What dark secrets of invention will you uncover?

Need some help getting started?

Use the Invention Cycle to get going:

Invention Cycle
CREATE: Brainstorm a few ideas, pick your favorite, and create a prototype.
Think about your favorite scene from one of the books or movies. Are there flying cars? Flying creatures? Large chess boards? Sorting ceremonies? Play with some ideas in your head and build a prototype (or three!) with your Bits. Don’t worry about getting everything right on the first try. The important thing is to just get started and experiment. Here are a few directions to get you started:

PLAY: Give your prototype a test run.
Is it fun to use? Does it conjure the magic you wanted? Test your invention with friends or your family to see what they think.

REMIX: Try adding or subtracting Bits or materials to see if it improves your invention.
How can you make your enchanted invention even better? Use the feedback you received from your testing to improve it. Experiment with new materials, Bits, spaces, or spells.

SHARE: Show your invention to the world to inspire others.
Upload it! Create a short video showing us what it does and explaining how it works, then submit it to the Magic of Invention Challenge.

Let the inventing begin!

Are you an educator?

Check out these learning resources:
  • Workshop Guide: The littleBits Magic of Invention Workshop Guide gives you the right ingredients to brew the perfect learning potion.
  • Teaching Harry Potter with the New York Times: An extensive collection of lessons and resources to transform you into the Hogwarts professor you’ve always wanted to be.
  • Pro Tips for Documentation: Get advice for documenting and filming your invention.

How it Works


Brainstorm ideas, then start building prototypes. Feeling stuck? Try using the Invention Cycle to get started.


Create a video or moving GIF showing your invention in action. How does it work? Why did you make it?


Don't you want the world to see it? Share your invention. Submit it to the challenge! You could inspire the next inventor with your creation.


Little Bits Book Of Monsters

Using Gismos and Gadgets second edition, I constructed the monster book of monsters from Harry Potter. A servo enables it's jaws t...

Ron's Howler

This is my project for the Magic of Invention challenge.  I chose to make a howler because I laugh every time I remember Ron'...

Eat Slugs!

My invention allows you to use your LittleBits to recreate a classic, and somewhat disgusting, scene from "Harry Potter and t...


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We will have 8 prize winners!

The top 3 winners will receive up to $200 in Bits of your choice. Then 5 runners-up will get special swag and our brand-new Bluetooth Low Energy Bit to make even more magic.


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Edona Bejtullahu

Hi everyone, My name is Edona and currently I'm in my last year of studies in electrical and computer engineering. I love software and app development, and currently I work as a mentor at BONEVET...more

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Timothy High

I've been working on the server-side programming at Quidd, which is an app for 3D Funko dolls, Star Trek trading cards and other digital collectibles. I've never done electronics before (just ba...more


Emily Tuteur

Hi there! As a Product Design Lead at littleBits, I lead the development of many of our littleBits kits. I am a lifelong maker and have a background in architecture and industrial design. Before li...more