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Connect Anything

Your entire littleBits library can talk to the internet and vice versa.

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It's Easy

As always with littleBits, there's no wiring, soldering or programming required.

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DIY Internet of Things

Recreate the hottest smart device, invent the next big one or solve your unique problem.

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Remote Control & Readout

Interact directly with hardware and software across the room or across the world.

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Automate with IFTTT

Connect with any web service or hardware on — over 100 and growing!

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Code with our API

Know how to code? You can do amazing things with our powerful API.

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Internet-Connect Anything
Good Morning Sunshine

A cloud-connected circuit that automatically opens up your curtains and plays a wake up sound every morning at sunrise (or other t...

Remote Pet Feeder

When away, make sure your pet [fish, cat, dog] never goes hungry with this WiFi-activated feeder/treat dispenser. You can either f...

Wireless Lighting

Turn on a lamp [or any other appliance that plugs into the wall] anytime from anywhere. Arriving home late to a dark apartment or ...

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