servo (cross axle)

The servo is a controllable motor that can swing back and forth, or be turned to a specific position. This servo has a cross axle shaft that works with any littleBits accessory with a cross axle opening. Try attaching a flag to the servo to make it wave back and forth!

This bit is compatible with the following items:
  - Base Inventor Kit
  - Space Rover Inventor Kit
  - Cross axle mechanical arm (not sold separately)
  - Cross axle motorMate (not sold separately)

For a replacement servo bit for other kits and accessories, see the "servo ("D shaft)" bit.


Servo mount bucket is available here for attaching to mounting boards.

Ages 8+
Grades 3+
Height 0.75"
Width 5"
Length 8"
0.01kg / 0.02 lbs
Model No.