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Glitter. Sparkle. Shine.

March 6, 2017

Catch up Mondays to find a timely collection of inventions by Bitsters like you. This week’s edition features a fiber optic butterfly and illuminating inventions.

Community Hall of Fame

This is the Glitterfly by Astghik from San Jose, California, with help from her family.   Astghik describes Glitterfly as “a butterfly with fiber optic wings. It flutters its wings and glows in the dark. I used a servo to flap the wings and a light sensor to detect the darkness. The color effects are made using a 3 color LED, LED driver and Arduino Bit. ”  Let’s watch:


Create an Illuminating Invention

Illuminate your world using Bits! The invention of electric light was a game-changer for all human (and non-human!) kind. In this challenge, we want you to harness the all-powerful LED to build your own glowing invention. You can create…

  • a secret flashlight for late-night reading
  • a hat that lights the way on your next adventure
  • a lantern to decorate a party
  • a machine that makes light dance
  • a bioluminescent animal

To keep this glowing goodness flowing, we’ve extended the challenge deadline until March 31 at 11:59 pm ET. Remember: you can submit as many inventions as you’d like and edit any submission up until the deadline.

Use your inventor imagination to brighten up any dark situation. Take the challenge here.

New & Noteworthy

Check out what these Bitsters invented for challenges.

Portable Book Light by two students from The York School chapter in Toronto, Canada.  “I was having a hard time reading in the dark at bedtime. The flashlight kept falling out my hand when I tried to turn the page. We thought if we could clip a portable light on the back of the book, it would solve the problem.”


The Milky Way Night Lamp by Julia with help from her dad, Bill.  Says Julia, “I created this invention for my baby sister, Gianna. The Milkyway Night Light Lamp comes to life automatically when the lights go out, using the light sensor Bit. The lamp is illuminated by two bargraph Bits on opposite sides of the rotating lampshade base, which causes swirling stars to be projected on the ceiling.”


Shooting game by 3D is for the Carnival Games challenge.  When you toss a LEGO brick in the hole, a motion trigger turns on the buzzer. A swinging servo adds a degree of difficulty, which you can adjust by sliding the dimmer.


Kudos to all the kids who work hard at explaining how their inventions work. You ROCK!  Have a fantabulous week.  🙂

Jude Brisson
Online Community Manager