Community News: Bitsters accused of inventing magical gadgets

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December 5, 2016

Catch up Mondays to find a timely collection of awesome creations from inventors like you.  This week’s edition features magical inventions and a remote-controlled flying house.

Community Hall of Fame

Last year, Alex Pikkert invented a mysterious machine that sorts colored marbles. He waited a few weeks to reveal he was actually using the pressure sensor to sort the marbles by weight.  This week he posted a new machine, “Magical Marble Sorting Machine Revisited.”  “It uses a real color sensor (Adafruit TCS34725) instead of sorting marbles based on their weight.  The new version now sorts four different colors instead of three and it also counts the number of marbles per color, using the Number Bit.”  Let’s watch Alex’s magical machine do its thing.

Magic of Invention Challenge

Break out your brooms and get ready for our most magical journey yet! This holiday season, may we present to you the Magic of Invention challenge.


We challenge you to use your inner magic to create a Harry Potter-inspired invention. You can…

  • Show us your best spell
  • Recreate your favorite scene
  • Build a magical animatronic creature
  • Forge an enchanted tool

You could win up to $200 in Bits and magical swag – there will be 8 winners total! Take the Challenge.

New & Noteworthy Inventions

Disney-inspired UP house. Savannah and Julius from the The Three J’s and S family made a papercraft version of the house in the movie UP that floats around with 25 helium balloons. They designed a remote controlled sail that swivels on a servo to change direction in a breeze. “So there you have it, a flying house.”  Let’s watch it go!


littleBongos “This project is made by little Adora, member at BONEVET. She loves music and since we got Makey-Makey Bit, she’s all about music projects. Her latest one is littleBongos that she made with colored paper and aluminium foil and using the Makey-Makey app she plays different sounds.”

Catching the Snitch. Caden remixed a Rule Your Room Kit invention to depict Harry Potter catching the golden snitch. Score for Gryffindor!


That’s all for now, Bitsters.  We can’t wait to see what magical invention YOU will invent next!  🙂

Jude Brisson
Online Community Manager