Community News: Illuminate your world with Bits

We invent the world we want to live in.

January 30, 2017

This week’s edition features a light-up concert stage and a remote fancy post box alarm.

Community Hall of Fame

Gizmo Girls Concert Stage by Pamela and Gizmo Girls from the Buchanan Library Chapter in Michigan.  The Gizmo Girls created a concert stage with LEGO and littleBits for their event. They decorated the stage with 8 RGB LED Bits that shine through a paper background. To play music, they snapped an MP3 player and speaker to a Makey Makey Bit. “We used a Lego DJ stand, and covered the ‘records’ with aluminum foil (and marker to keep them resembling records), and then made a trail of aluminum foil to connect the alligator clips. When you touch both of the DJ’s records, whatever music you have loaded on the mp3 player will start.”

Create an Illuminating Invention

Illuminate your world using Bits! The invention of electric light was a game-changer for all human (and non-human!) kind. In this challenge, we want you to harness the all-powerful LED to build your own glowing invention. You can create…

  • a secret flashlight for late-night reading
  • a hat that lights the way on your next adventure
  • a lantern to decorate a party a machine that makes light dance
  • a bioluminescent animal

Use your inventor imagination to brighten up any dark situation.  Take the challenge here.

We invent the world we want to live in

Check out how these Bitsters created inventions to brighten their world.

Remote Fancy Post Box Alarm.  Venkat from Bangalore, India made a lamp that glows, buzzes, and spins every time a new letter comes in the mail. He made a post box from cardboard and installed a light sensor and wireless transmitter inside. When a letter blocks the light sensor, it turns on his fancy alarm remotely. Let’s watch.

littleBits Life Alert.  Joshua from Maitland, FL made his invention for elderly people who might fall and need help. When you press a button on the remote, a latch and wireless transmitter make an alarm station buzz and glow with LED lights and light wire. Says Joshua, “If your loved ones are hurt you want to know so I built littleBits Life Alert. Check out my video.”

MLK Day – What do you stand for? What will you move for?  by Ms. Aliciaz’s class.  “During our school’s day-long Martin Luther King celebration, students talked about what they stand for and what they would move for. Students discussed and created signs, using littleBits. Then the entire school had a march around campus.”


Bye for now, Bitsters.  Keep inventing and sharing with us! 🙂

Jude Brisson
Online Community Manager