Community News: Control Bits with a magic wand (smartphone)!

"When I wish to make a wish I wave my hand with a big swish swish."

November 14, 2016

Catch up Mondays to find a timely collection of awesome creations from inventors like you. This week’s edition features magical inventions and line-following robots.

Community Hall of Fame

Luke Seeley’s Magical Hogwarts Express is a mashup of a Lego model and the new Gizmos & Gadgets Kit, 2nd Edition. He controls locomotion by waving his smartphone like a magic wand. As the train pulls into the station, a light sensor and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Bit trigger his smart device to take a picture in “camera mode.”  Let’s watch:


Magic of Invention Challenge

Break out your brooms and get ready for our most magical journey yet! This holiday season, may we present to you the Magic of Invention challenge.


We challenge you to use your inner magic to create a Harry Potter-inspired invention. You can…

  • Show us your best spell
  • Recreate your favorite scene
  • Build a magical animatronic creature
  • Forge an enchanted tool

You could win up to $200 in Bits and magical swag – there will be 8 winners total! Take the Challenge.

New & Noteworthy Inventions

Maker Magic Wand by Danielle Delgado

“To whom it may concern,

    We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to littleBits School of Hacking & Creativity.

Using the Gadgets & Gizmos Kit I brought the Wizarding World to life by using the wireless transmitter and receiver to make Wingardium Leviosa & Lumos work in the muggle world.”


bitWire remix by BONEVET.   In this Rule Your Room Kit invention, bitWire, the Makey Makey Bit is grounded to one end of the wire, while the buzzer output of the Makey Makey Bit is connected to the wand.  When the wand and wire make contact, this completes the circuit and sets off the buzzer Bit.  Chapter members from our Bonevet chapter in Kosova remixed bitWire by adding a number Bit.  Now they compete with one another to see who can move their wand from beginning to end with the lowest number of touches.


Self-driving Line Follower Challenge by Little Oha Bitty Bytes chapter, Honolulu, HI.  “Young scientists and engineers endeavored to create space exploration-inspired littleBits line follower vehicles at this year’s exciting Astronaut Lacey Veach Science Day held at Punahou School.  Perseverance and innovation was a must as these young scientists were quick to find out that much of their efforts would go to testing and adjusting their vehicles to get the settings just right…. so much patience and determination! Test, adjust, test, adjust, test again … !”


Congratulations, Bitster, on your acceptance to the littleBits School of Hacking & Creativity.  Now get inventing! 🙂

Jude Brisson

Online Community Manager