Community Newsletter: BitOlympic Torch Edition

July 25, 2016

Catch up Mondays to find a timely collection of awesome inventions by Bitsters like you.  Read up on design challenges, events, and get to know littleBits inventors from all around the world.

david saunders torch2

The BitOlympic torch burns bright for you, Bitster.  Will you take the challenge?


Community Hall of Fame

Airboat V2

Remote controlled Airboat V2 – Remember Community member, Marcel?  He created the popular Remote controlled AirBoat back in May.  Now he’s back with a new and improved V2!  He still controls speed and direction with wireless Bits, but now at twice the speed with 2 fans on board, and with a streamlined hull and decorative cover.  He even included files for 3D printed bands to connect Bits together, based on @mathgrrl’s design.  Great work, Marcel!  Let’s see how it works.


Take the BitOlympics Challenge to WIN BIG

As the 2016 Summer Olympic games approach, we are excited to announce the 2nd Annual 2016 BitOlympic games on our brand new challenge platform! From July 15 until September 5, take the BitOlympic challenge. Create an Olympics-inspired invention, then film it in action and upload it to the site by September 5. This is your chance to bring home gold and glory for your country. Oh, and did we mention you could win $1,000 in Bits & swag? Take the challenge.


Join the Community Call


When: Wednesday July 27, 2016 12pm – 1pm ET.

Where: The Unhangout Room

Join us to hear from Greg Trefry who has designed everything from 100-person live-action simulations for museums to documentary video games to giant dodgeball battles. He co-founded the design studio Gigantic Mechanic to explore new ways to bring fun and engaging experiences to the world around us through real-world, physical and social play. He serves as director of the Come Out & Play Festival, a festival of street games in New York City. Greg teaches at New York University and wrote the book, Casual Game Design: Designing Play for the Gamer in All of Us.

Meet the Inventor

The Hallihan Family, from Matthews, NC

Picture back row: sister Anna, dad Rick, mom Tammy

Picture front row: Davy and Ryan

Davy and Ryan invented Candiserv – a #ChainReaction challenge winner.  Nick Weinberg, program manager at littleBits, caught up with the Hallihans to get to know them better.  This is what they had to say about their creative process:

  • The first stage is coming up with an idea. We brainstorm things we like, and try and combine them together, for example candy and Legos, BAM! a candy machine made of Legos.
  • The second stage is the constructing, like when we did the Candiserv we made a huge Lego frame. Davy takes the lead on this step since his strength is in structure design and construction thanks to years in FLL (First Lego League).
  • The third stage is the wiring. We take the Bits and brainstorm how we can position the Bits in the right places to make our creation (using Brick Adapters). Ryan takes the lead on wiring.
  • The fourth stage is the video, we first come up with a script and write on a whiteboard. We adjust it over and over again until it is perfect, then you start filming. It took us twenty or so tries for filming our video the first time to adjust for pauses and gestures. It is okay if you have to keep on restarting, persevere!”

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New & Noteworthy Inventions

BitBall by littleBits league (#BitOlympics Football) by Oha Bitty Bytes Chapter. “Inspired by Olympic football, these little Bitsters took on the challenge to design their own football players that could dribble a ball across the field.  They even got to play a few games to test out their projects!  With time left on the clock, one player was able to upgrade and add a transmitter & receiver Bit to his circuit.  Squeals of excitement!!”


BitOlympic Golf Course – Pooky made this standing robot golfer – a Gizmos & Gadgets Kit remix.  🙂

Soccer #BitOlympics Thalita and Lucas from Americanas, Brazil made a football field with players using recyclable materials and Bits!


Bubble Generator by Julia


That’s all for today, Bitsters.  Have a super week, and keep inventing!  🙂

Jude Brisson

online community manager