Community Newsletter: The End of a BitOlympic Summer

September 12, 2016

Catch up Mondays to find a timely collection of awesome inventions by Bitsters like you.  Read up on design challenges, events, and get to know littleBits inventors from all around the world.

Image of the week

Mirai Summer Camp littleBits 7/27 Day 1 AM #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Here we see Bitsters gathered around a futuristic littleBits Town, which they made during a two day workshop at Mirai Summer Camp in Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, Tokyo, Japan.  They took lots of lovely pictures – see more pics.

Community Hall of Fame

This week’s Community Hall of Fame pick comes from Luke Seeley (AKA Pooky).  He describes his #BitOlympics Soccer Challenge as “a soccer field with goal line technology using a motion sensor attached to a buzzer, light wire, and the cloudBit that sends a message to your phone using the IFTTT app when a goal is scored. Play as your favorite striker attached to a servo and button to take the winning shot. But look out for those pesky defenders rotating on DC motors with wheel bumpers!”  Let’s watch:


Take the littleBits Birthday Challenge!

littleBits is turning 5!  We want you to help us with the entertainment for an international birthday bash. Your challenge is to use the power of Bits to make the extravaganza a little more fun. Think: a cake that sings to you, your own personal arcade, or confetti cannons galore. You can create your invention at one of the global littleBits invention birthday parties, or build something at home with your own Bits. Either way, you’ll have until October 4 to submit your invention to the Birthday Celebration Creation Challenge.
We will have superstar community judges and prizes galore! The Grand Prize Party winner will receive a Pro-Library for their event location. The Most Inventive Celebration Creation will receive a Kit or Bits up to $200. The Bitsiest Cake will receive a Kit or Bits up to $200.

BitOlympics Challenge

The 2016 BitOlympics has come to an end.  While we wait for the winners to be announced (by 9/18), let’s enjoy some BitOlympians’ recent efforts.

The Olympic Torch by Madeline and Aliyah (h23alhook) “Our invention shows the lighting up of the Torch and the crowd in the stands… In the back of the invention there is a switch and when you turn the switch on the whole thing lights up.”

rio olympic torch

Ancient Olympic-Inspired Chariot by Avery  “This ancient olympic-inspired chariot is a variation on the Spin Roller. It is a manned chariot pulled by four horses, but it is really a remote-controlled racing machine!”

avery chariot


Hockey Bot by Johannes “Hockey bot is a remote controlled robot that can drive around and shoot a ball.”  Let’s watch:


Judo #BitOlympics 2016 BONEVET  Enxhi and Enisa made this Community Hall of Fame invention to celebrate the historic moment when Majlinda Kelmendi Bonevet became the first Kosovo athlete to win an Olympic gold medal.  “The game can be played by two players and it is created with bits such as power, fork, buttons, wireless transmitter, wireless receiver, servos, fan, DC motor, pulse, split and buzzer.”


Meet the Inventor: Edona Bejtullahu


Edona is a mentor and chapter leader at BONEVET Makerspace in Gjakova, Kosovo.  She says on her profile, “I love working with children and I feel responsible and highly passionate educating new generations in new technologies with creative tools and equipment such as littleBits, Scratch programming and other creative means to intrigue imagination and creativity.”  Nick Weinberg, program manager at littleBits, caught up with Edona to get to know her better.

When starting a littleBits project, what does your design and video process look like?
“At first we discuss different everyday problems that we have and then how we might be able solve them by creating an invention using littleBits. We draw our ideas on paper, and start to build them step-by-step. By working together in groups we learn that collaboration transforms making into a more fun process. We always watch online videos from people around the world or look at the youngsters at BONEVET as our dose of inspiration for our upcoming projects.”

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That’s all for today, Bitsters.  Have a super week, and keep inventing!  🙂

Jude Brisson

online community manager