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Amnon & Gabi Carmel



Meet Amnon & Gabi Carmel, Chapter leaders of Sydney, Australia and the BitOlympics winners of the Table Tennis category.

I am based in… Manly Beach, Sydney, Australia. Manly is the best place in the known universe! Seriously, it is! Never been here? You owe yourself a visit 🙂

How would you describe yourself in an Ernest Hemingway-style novel? (6 words or less)

Technological hippies

What was your littleBits “a-ha!” moment? The moment you were bitten by the littleBits bug.
At the end of our first big workshop earlier this year. The workshop went really great throughout. But what got to me was when the parents came at the end of the workshop, one of the girls called her mom and showed her the electronic project she built. You should have seen her face – she got so excited about her awesome invention!

What I loved most about that moment was how littleBits helped that girl to get closer to technology and make education fun. We need more kids (and girls!) in STEM. We need more littleBits in the world!

When starting a littleBits project, what does your design process look like?
10- Think of concept
20- Consider possibilities with available bits / materials
30- Design
40- Build
50- Test results
60- Make improvements
70- Then build again

How has littleBits impacted you creatively?

littleBits and the Maker movement quite literally changed our lives – we never really made anything physical in the past. Now we build something new at home a few times a week – littleBits inventions, 3D printied things (often to connect to littleBits) and program robots that can be enhanced with littleBits.

It’s not just us adults (Amnon and Gabi) but also our two boys (6 and 9). Makerism (I made up a word!) become the daily reality for our family and we happily welcome it into our lives 🙂


What do you plan on inventing next?

Our last event was our monthly Star Wars Makerspace. We hold monthly makerspace events with cooperation of the Manly Council at the local library. We use mainly littleBits alongside 3D printing (lots of it!) and robotics. This was our last event for the year and it was very special – Star Wars themed littleBits event!

It took us around 3 weeks to come up with the ideas for projects, but it was well worth it! The event was a huge success and we even got the local newspaper to cover the story.

Next, we wish to connect an empty can to a 3D printed hedgehog and using littleBits bring world peace. Note that we are still in step 10 of the process…


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