Meet the Inventor

Elie Dib

Elie was our first runner-up for the Make it Move invention challenge! We are always wow-ed by Elie’s unique inventions, and his dueling game contraption is no exception. Check out his awesome creation below.



And now for a few words from Elie…

Where are you based?

Beirut, Lebanon

How would you describe yourself in a few words?

Creative, Perseverant, Nervous, Smart.

How did you come up with your invention for the Make it Move challenge? What was your littleBits “a-ha!” moment?

The challenge name spoke to me a lot: #MakeitMove. Then, I thought of a thing that doesn’t move, but I thought of ways to make it move: so I first chose dolls. Then, I thought I should add something more, and I decided to invent a game where two dolls could wrestle, as I found an old photo of my childhood where me and my friend were playing a game similar to this (but not too similar😅).

When starting a littleBits project, what does your design process look like?

I start usually by deciding how the mechanism of the project should work: once it’s done, I start to design the look of the project so that the mechanism will be hidden.


What is your favorite Bit and why?

Servo, since it can be used in so many different ways. It is a great problem solver also: almost anything can move back and forth with a servo!!

servo Bit







What do you plan on inventing next?

I’m not sure yet, but I know it’s going to be for the summer olympics!! Maybe a baseball match, or kayaking…️☺


For more from Elie, take a peek at Elie’s invention page, where you’ll see that Elie has participated in several of our past littleBits challenges.

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