Meet the Inventor

Gokul Krishnan

Having a chronic illness is no reason to stifle creativity and learning.

Gokul Krishnan, a learning scientist and engineer, has taken an innovative approach to alternative therapies to kids with chronic illnesses.

His solution? Mobile makerspaces.

Gokul has put together an experience that combines the littleBits library with 3D printing and design challenges to help stimulate creativity and learning within hospitals. Working closely with kids with cystic fibrosis, he found that children with this inherited condition often needed to be hospitalized for up to three weeks at a time.

Gokul was inspired during field work. While volunteering at Vanderbilt Hospital in Tennessee, one of the kids said to him: “Imagine if we had a space that would allow us to leave our beds and move around.”

This led Gokul to create the “mobile makerspace,” with the end goal of getting these kids moving again.

He found that many of these hospitalized children were taking approximately 300 steps a day. With the introduction of the makerspace, that number jumped to 1,500.

CBS Evening News featured his initiative, Makerspace at Children’s Hospital or Project MACH.

“With the mobile makerspace, the kids are a lot more active. They’re designing and making and collaborating,” Gokul said in the interview with CBS.

We think Gokul is onto something BIG.

Learn more about Gokul’s awesome initiative and help us bring the power of electronics to the hands everyone!

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