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Joey Wilson

Joey Wilson

Meet Joey Wilson @joeywilson
 I am based in…Santa Fe, NM where I live with my girlfriend of 15 years (Linda) and our two dogs. We are cofounders of a change management consultancy called CultureLogic where we focus on helping companies create, with intention, the type of culture that is most supportive of their people and in alignment with their vision. In pursuit of this goal, I’ve been able to design a number of experientially based activities (games and such) and had the chance to work with leadership teams around the world.
My maker superpower is…I wouldn’t call it a superpower but I have been trying various ways to build things that elicit an emotional response. The process can feel a lot like song writing in a way. In both cases I’ll spend hours revising and revising until the mix is just right, then someone picks up a thing that I made, pushes a button and smiles.
I am inspired by… Craft of all types. Since I’ve started making things myself I’ve really come to appreciate some of the wonderful artistry in the most ordinary of objects. The hundreds of little decisions that go into making something functional and then the 100 more that go into making something beautiful.
I have used littleBits to make… A simple wooden box with a single button that, when pressed, tells one of many stories from my father who recently passed away. Press the button again and hear another story. He and I were great friends and in a small way the Voice Box has kept his memory fresh for me.
Listen to Joey’s Dad tell the “Goldfish Story” on the Voice Box:


I also built a music box called The littleBits Express that featured a tiny wooden train that ambled along a hand drawn track while the music played. The motion of that little train felt magical to me.
In the process I learned… That I wanted to do more with motion & sound. I’ve been working up to building some kind of Marionette that I can control via littleBits. In order to get there I’ve been building little projects that solve some of the design challenges along the way.
What was something you learned about participating in a littleBits competition? I really enjoy the various design challenges as it forces me to work rather quickly in order to get things done under a time constraint. Its really great fun!
My dream bit… Would allow anyone to create fairly elaborate contraptions that involve motion and sound in a choreographed, highly controlled  way without having to learn how to code. This would allow artists, designers and musician’s to use littleBits to further their art and tinkerers to bring life to their inventions.
Joey Wilson and Michael Schippling won the Big Air Award for Rhythmic Gymnastics with their Triad the Robot project, made with their own prototyped SoundControl module.  Watch Triad’s choreographed dance:

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