Meet the Inventor

Matt Johnson


Meet Matt Johnson, one of the founders of Bare Conductive, makers of an electrically conductive paint as well as the studio behind our bitLab touch sensor module.  Passionate about developing accessible platforms for people to get creative with technology, Matt is a bit of a designer and a bit of an engineer and most comfortable being split between the two. He is also a littleBits maker extraordinaire if we may say so ourselves. We were lucky enough to get to ask him some questions and delve more into his story.

What’s your maker superpower? Anything that moves! I love building things that go fast, whether its a motorcycle, bicycle, drone, or even a sled. Nothing focuses my maker energy like the prospect of hurtling myself (or my machinery) down a hill.

What gets you inspired? Getting my hands dirty. Nothing is both so scary and so inspiring as actually putting your hands into your work. Confronting your limitations as a maker and finding ways through them is the best resource we have.

What’s your dream bit? We made it! It’s called the Touch Sensor! The touch sensor is a powerful capacitive proximity sensor that sends a signal to the attached Bits as you physically approach it. The closer you get, the higher the voltage it sends out. Use an alligator lead with one end attached to the gold electrode on the touch sensor, then connect the other end to something conductive like tin foil, conductive foam, or even paint a square of Electric Paint. Seriously though, I love littleBits and as a company our dream bit has always been any bit that lets us connect what we do to the littleBits universe. Speaking personally, I’d also like a bit with a tiny disco ball and light. Can you imagine that with the Synth Kit? Amazing…



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