Meet the Inventor


WilliamSamAndMom repeatedly wow us with their amazing inventions.  So far they’ve made fun interactive robots and animatronic music shows.  Let’s get to know this inventor family.

Where are you based?

Kansas, USA

How would you describe yourself in six words or less?

William: “Kind, silly, happy, and loves popcorn.” Sam: “I like to see how things work.” Mom: “Creative and loves to problem-solve.”

What was your littleBits “a-ha!” moment? The moment you were bitten by the littleBits bug.

William: “It was when I created a catapult using only three Bits” – referring to the Domain Defender that was included in his Rule Your Room Kit.

Sam: “It was when I realized they could do stuff.”

Mom: “For me it was seeing what could be done with the Arduino Bit and the cloudBit. Also, the idea of being able to turn on a lamp at home, even if you’re halfway across the world, by pushing a virtual button on your phone just blew my mind. I think it was that concept that really took hold and gave me the littleBits bug.”

When starting a littleBits project, what does your design and video process look like?

Mom: “I usually sketch out a picture or two with notes and arrows pointing all over the place describing how things work, possible ideas, things to consider, or things to figure out. Basically I write everything down so I don’t forget anything when it’s time to start building.”

littleBits Music Video


How has littleBits impacted you creatively?

Mom: “littleBits have really ramped up my creativity. I just love how you can create just about anything with littleBits and items that can be found around the house.  Cardboard + duct tape + littleBits = endless possibilities.”  This littleBits robot was created out of a recycled juice container and duct tape.

What do you plan on inventing next?

Mom: “For our next project, we’re trying to build something that uses only servos in order to move around. We’ve built plenty of things on wheels, now it’s time for a new challenge.”

Is there anything else you’d like to say?

Mom: “littleBits has become a great family activity for us. I get to use my creative juices, and the kids learn valuable skills and knowledge without even realizing it. littleBits are so much fun for both kids AND adults.”

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