Core77: littleBit: Easy Electronics For Rocket Engineers to-be

April 25, 2014

Core77 is excited about the newest addition to the littleBits library!


“File Under: Real Reasons to Have Kids. If you’re not already familiar, littleBits is a source for super simple snap-together electronics. They operate on a kid- or idiot-friendly design that uses magnets to connect function-specific Bits to each other in endless modular ways. In addition to basic components like motors, sensors, LEDs, switches, usb power sources and inverters, they also batch up kits for the lazy and excitable. The one that got my motor going this week: Space Kit! Among other projects, this kit can help you build a satellite dish, learn how to measure particles in the atmosphere, and make a totally cool ‘robotic space arm’ called THE GRAPPLER.”


Check out the full article over at Core77.



Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 10.10.41 AM

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