Educator Spotlight: Leo Saccomanno

Using Music and the Synth Kit to Explore Human Interactions

July 10, 2014

This week, we’re spotlighting Leo Saccomanno, one of the leaders of the F Play Project. Leo and the folks over at Cre-Arte are working to create opportunities for people with disabilities using their creative, cultural and artistic abilities. You can see Leo’s project ‘The F Play‘ on our community page.

The f play project

Tell us about your current teaching experience.

Actually, I’m not a traditional teacher. I feel more like someone who is really curious, who loves to learn from others and who enjoys sharing my knowledge too.

I have a background in electronic engineering sciences and this year I’ve been invited to participate in the production of a music and dance play at Cre-Arte – a cultural center for persons with disabilities. The core concept of this play is that everything in the universe is vibration. We started this project by working with the idea that each module could represent an actor, and that the music that we hear is the result of how we all affect each other.  This was meant as a representation of the vibration that creates our own reality. In this way, our own music can be more beautiful if we combine with others in harmony or it could  suffer distortion, based on the interaction.

How did you discover littleBits? What drew you to our product/company?

Honestly, I don’t remember. I’ve been thinking so much about the modules lately that it seems that I’ve known them forever!

I chose to use littleBits because I knew it would be so easy to share ideas and make the concepts more accessible using the modules. We at Cre-Arte could develop our ideas together easily, without having to know a lot about electronics.

How do you use littleBits as a 21st century STEM/STEAM teaching and learning tool?

We are using littleBits not only to make music, but to incubate ideas of life and sharing that might have nothing to do with technology. It’s really interesting to see how the modules can help us to communicate ideas and develop skills that, in the future, could be used without the need of the technology itself.

What is your favorite littleBits project?

My favorite littleBits project is the Portable Projector, because of its simplicity and because I really like the shadows created.

Describe littleBits in your own 3 words:

Fun, expression, sensitivity.

If you could challenge your students to make anything with any amount of littleBits, what would you have them create?

I would challenge them to create their own devices that generate music to best represent themselves. However, the challenge would be that other devices (people) could change their  sounds by proximity. The end idea being that they will play music through an interactive dance.

What advice can you offer teachers who are new to littleBits?

Explore, have fun, let new ideas appear through play. This product brings unexpected ways to learn and explore different possibilities, that maybe are  much more interesting and productive than the originally planed ways.

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