“Electrified Play” workshop at Sahara Labs, Tarfaya – Morocco

littleBits on the road

May 8, 2013

Sahara Labs’ partnered with Bilal Ghalib, the founder of GEMSI and Mitch Altman, the founder of the Hackerspaces Movement to throw their inaugural event, Electrified Play. The event was established to expose Tarfaya kids to electronics. To aid the lessons on electric circuits, the kids, who ranged from ages 6 to 16 played with Makey Makey, Arduino and littleBits. We very much enjoyed being featured in this event as we believe that STEAM education is critical.

We want to challenge people to create and innovate, motivating them to achieve a bright future in life…We share [littleBits’] philosophy because we do believe that only with sharing knowledge are we able to grow as a community in the world.” –Mohamed Mostapha, founder of Sahara Labs